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Biden Heads To Poland As Announces New

Biden heads to Poland while he announces new scheme to wean Europe off Russian energy.

President Joe Biden announced a new enterprise meant to deprive Russian President Vladimir Putin of European vitality profits that Biden says are used to fuel Russias war inside Ukraine.

Speaking inside Brussels alongside European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Biden said Russia was using its present with of lubricant with every one other accompanied by gasoline to "coerce with every one other accompanied by manipulate its neighbors.

" He said the United States would assist Europe lessen its dependence on Russian lubricant with every one other accompanied by gas, with every one other accompanied by would build sure the mainland had sufficient supplies for the following set of two winters.

The announcement came fair earlier to Biden departed Brussels for Poland.

"Its going to lay clasp of some hour dated to adjust gasoline present with chains with every one other accompanied by infrastructure that (were) built for the last decade so were going to have to build sure the families inside Europe tin obtain into and not here of this winter with every one other accompanied by the following while were building an infrastructure for a diversified, resilient with every one other accompanied by clean vitality future," Biden said.

Biden with every one other accompanied by von der Leyen announced a join position of employment strength meant to assist wean Europe from its dependence on Russian lubricant with every one other accompanied by gas.

The panel, chaired by representatives from the White House with every one other accompanied by the European Commission, will exist aimed in the direction of finding different supplies of liquefied natural gasoline with every one other accompanied by reducing all-inclusive request for natural gasoline moving forward.

Europes dependence on Russian gasoline with every one other accompanied by lubricant has proved a greatest sticking point inside western efforts to punish Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine.

While the US banned Russian vitality imports, Europe found it a lengthy way additional difficult to gash off its supplies.

"I know that eliminating Russian gasoline will have costs for Europe, nevertheless its not only the just thing to do from a ethicalsocial standpoint, its going to place us on a a a large amount of stronger planned footing," he said.

The United States will labour in the direction of supplying Europe accompanied by at least 15 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gasoline inside 2022, inside collaboration accompanied by other nations, the White House said.

The category will too labour in the direction of reducing greenhouse gasoline emissions into and not here of reducing methane emissions with every one other accompanied by using clean vitality to ability operations.

Senior management officials said the 15 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gasoline go nearer from multiple sources, including the United States with every one other accompanied by nations inside Asia.

Venus Williams.

But officials did not have an exact breakdown on where the gasoline was coming from.

The announcement Friday was the culmination of a US attempt over the past months to identify alternate sources of vitality for Europe, mainly inside Asia.

Officials said those efforts would carry on accompanied by into and not here of this year to hit the target.

Venus Williams.

One official said weaning Europe from Russian vitality amounted to "replacing an unreliable supplier of LNG accompanied by a a a large amount of additional reliable supplier inside the US.

Venus Williams

" "This crisis too presents an opportunity.

Its a catalyst," Biden said.

"A catalyst that will operate the investments we need to dual down on our clean vitality goals with every one other accompanied by accelerate forward movement towards our netting zeroes emissions future.

" Biden place to journey to Poland The announcement came throughout the Presidents last place an extremity to inside Brussels earlier to he travels to Poland on Friday, his following place an extremity to on a last-minute trip into and not here of Europe aimed at coordinating the Wests response to Russias invasion of Ukraine.

Upon his coming at Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport, Biden will exist greeted by Polish President Andrzej Duda with every one other accompanied by receive a briefing on the humanitarian response to the war.

Hell meet accompanied by work members from the 82nd Airborne Division inside Rzeszów earlier to traveling to Warsaw inside the evening.

On Saturday, the White House says Biden will clasp a bilateral gathering accompanied by Duda to talk over how the US with every one other accompanied by allies are responding to the displaced person crisis that has ensued while a consequence of the war.

Hell too deliver remarks earlier to returning to Washington.

Bidens journey to Poland comes following meetings on Thursday inside Brussels, where he attended a slate of crisis summits, announced new actions -- such while sanctions opposed to hundreds of members of Russias parliament with every one other accompanied by a commitment to permit in 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine -- with every one other accompanied by conferred accompanied by worldwide leaders on how the world will respond if Russia deploys a chemical, biotic or nuclear weapon.

The White House has said the Poland pay someone a call is intended to high point the massive displaced person crisis that has ensued since Russias war inside Ukraine began a month ago.

The President confirmed on Thursday that he hopes to meet accompanied by Ukrainian refugees while inside Poland.

Venus Williams.

Its not clear, however, when or where those potential meetings would lay clasp of place.

More than 3.

5 million refugees have now fled Ukraine, according to facts from the United Nations displaced person agency released on Tuesday.

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A vast majority of those refugees have fled to Ukraines western neighbors across Europe.

Poland, which borders Ukraine to the west, has registered additional than 2 million Ukrainian refugees crossing into the country.

However, the number of refugees staying inside Poland is lower, accompanied by numerous continuing on inside their journey to other countries.

Earlier this month throughout Vice President Kamala Harris trip to Poland, Duda personally asked the vice president to rate up with every one other accompanied by simplify the procedures allowing Ukrainians accompanied by family inside the US to go nearer to the country.

He too warned Harris that his countrys resources were actuality poorly strained by the influx of refugees, flat while Poland welcomes them accompanied by not shut arms.

Venus Williams.

The White House says that since February 24, the US has provided additional than $123 million to assist countries neighboring Ukraine with every one other accompanied by the European Union to address the displaced person influx, including $48 million inside Poland.

Venus Williams.

During a report conference on Thursday, Biden told reporters he didnt believe getting a firsthand look at the displaced person crisis while inside Poland would necessarily alter his response.

"What it will do (is) it will build strong my commitment to have the United States build sure we are a greatest small portion of dealing accompanied by the relocation of all those folks, while well while humanitarian assistance needed both inside Ukraine with every one other accompanied by external outside Ukraine," the President said.

Biden brought up that he has visited war zones, saying he understood the plight of refugees.

Venus Williams.

"Ive been inside displaced person camps.

Ive been inside war zones for the last 15 years.

And its -- its devastating," he said.

Biden too said the displaced person influx is "not something that Poland or Romania or Germany should convey on their own.

" "This is an international responsibility.

And the United States, while .

Venus Williams.

one of the leaders inside the international community, has an duty to exist engaged -- to exist engaged with every one other accompanied by do all we tin to ease the suffering with every one other accompanied by suffering of guiltless women with every one other accompanied by children, with every one other accompanied by men, for that matter, all over -- all over Ukraine with every one other accompanied by those who have made it across the border," Biden continued.

The Poland trip too comes set of two weeks following the US rejected Polands proposals to facilitate the transfer its MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine.

The US rejected Polands proposals over fears that the US with every one other accompanied by NATO could exist perceived while taking an escalatory step, further fomenting dispute in the centre of the alliance with every one other accompanied by Russia -- which adamantly opposes Ukraines ambitions to fasten the NATO alliance.

Venus Williams.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly requested additional aircraft for the invasion, making another appeal to NATO leaders on Thursday.

During a virtual address Thursday, Zelensky asked NATO members for "1% of all your planes," subsequent adding, "You have thousands of fighter jets, nevertheless we have not been specified one yet.

" Despite Zelenskys plea, a older US official told CNN subsequent on Thursday that the US position on the fighter jet matter has not changed.

300 people were killed inside Russian airstrike on Mariupol theater, Ukrainian authorities say.

About 300 people are believed to have died inside a Russian assault on a theater inside Mariupol nine days ago, the city council has said, citing eyewitness reports.

The March 16 bombing of Mariupols Drama Theater, where Ukrainian officials speak up to 1,300 had sought refuge, was among the most brazen of Russias attacks on civilians since its invasion began inside late February.

Painted on the ground external outside the building -- inside colossus Russian letters -- was the word "CHILDREN.

Venus Williams.

" The message -- large sufficient to exist viewed from the sky -- was scrawled near a condition square.

Russia has denied its forces hit the theater, claiming while an alternative that the Azov battalion, the Ukrainian armys main presence inside Mariupol, blew it up.

Announcing the update on its Telegram channel, the city council said: "Unfortunately, we start the day accompanied by bad news.

There is information, based on eyewitnesses, that concerning 300 people died inside the Drama Theater inside Mariupol while a consequence of a bombing by Russian aircraft.

"We still do not want to exist convinced by inside this horror.

We still want to exist convinced by that everyone managed to escape.

But the words of those who were inside the building at the hour dated of this terrorist take deed speak otherwise.

" CNN has been unable to independently verify the demise toll.

Earlier this week, Petro Andriushchenko, an counsellor to Mariupols mayor, place the number of estimated survivors of the bombing at around 200.

"The occupier knew where he was hitting.

He knew what the consequences strength be, with every one other accompanied by anyway the bombs fell on this place," the city council statement Friday continued.

Video of the aftermath of the bombing, which emerged not long ago on communal media, shows people making their get away from the dusty with every one other accompanied by debris strewn building.

Holes inside the walls tin exist seen while people build their way down a staircase to depart from the theater.

Venus Williams.

"The missile hit just inside the center of the Drama Theater," a mans power of speech tin exist heard saying.

In a following video, which shows massive inner structural harm to the building, a mans power of speech offers reassurance that he with every one other accompanied by others accompanied by him on the ground ground of the building were not injured inside the attack.

Venus Williams.

But he expresses fears that numerous others who were sheltering inside the building carry on accompanied by to exist buried under the rubble.

Breakdown of essential services The theater was actuality used while one of the main shelters inside Mariupol, which has been under great bombardment since the early days of Russias assault on Ukraine.

Information concerning the filled area of the assault has been slow to emerge due to the almost complete breakdown of essential services inside the city, including communication networks.

Venus Williams.

The coastal city has been under siege for some weeks with every one other accompanied by has seen some of the worst attacks inside the war since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine inside February.

There is still no indeed word on possible casualties following a separate assault on an art educational organization building that was too actuality used while a protection by up to 400 people.

Basic services exist fond of gas, power with every one other accompanied by water, are all not here inside the city.

Venus Williams.

Bodies are actuality left-hand inside the road since there is either no indeed one left-hand to congregate them, or it is simply excessively dangerous to try.

Venus Williams.

Ukraines Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk announced set of two evacuation corridors for Mariupol with every one other accompanied by occupied Melitopol on Friday.

Venus Williams.

Speaking inside a televised message, Vereshchuk said the corridors will link the set of two cities accompanied by Zaporizhzhia, which lies to the northern with every one other accompanied by is still inside Ukrainian hands.

Over the last week, Russian forces have been deporting thousands of Mariupol residents opposed to their will to far-flung cities inside Russia, according to city officials with every one other accompanied by witnesses.

And on Monday, Moscow called on Mariupol to surrender -- a idea Ukraine swiftly report down.

Russia has denied targeting civilians inside Mariupol, blaming casualties on Ukrainian forces.

Andriushchenko told CNN on Sunday that the battle for the city has made it impossible to retrieve with every one other accompanied by identify the dead, or behave towards the wounded.

In a video message posted to Facebook inside the early hours of Sunday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the siege of Mariupol would go down inside history while a war crime.

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