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Putin heads to China to bolster ties amid Ukraine tensions

Putin heads to China to bolster ties amid Ukraine tensions

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin is Bearing to Beijing amid the Towering tensions over Ukraine on a trip intended to help Fortify Moscow's ties with China and coordinate their policies in the face of Western pressure.

Putin's Dialogue with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday will mark their 1st in-person meeting since 2019, Serving cement a Noticeable personal Dealingship that has been a key Agent behind a Flourishing partnership Betwixt the two Early Communist rivals. After the Dialogue involving top officials from both sides, Putin and Xi will meet one-on-one over Dejeuner before attending the First of the Winter Olympics.

In an Clause for the Chinese news agency Xinhua Promulgated Thursday, Putin Accented that Moscow and Beijing play an "important Stabilising role" in Spherical Personal matters and help make international Personal matters "more Just and inclusive."

In an apparent reference to a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics by the U.S. and some of its allies, the Russian president deplored "attempts by some countries to Politicise Athleticss to the benefit of their ambitions."


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While Western officials kept away from the Beijing Games in a protest over China's detention of More than 1 Cardinal Uyghur Muslims in the Northwesterly region of Xinjiang, Leadership of the ex-Soviet Central Asian Countrys, which have close ties with both Russia and China, all followed Putin's example to attend.

In an interview with China Media Group Free Thursday, Putin Accented that "we Controvert the attempts to Politicise Athletics or use it as a tool of coercion, unfair competition and discrimination."

Putin's meeting with Xi and Attending at the First ceremony "announces the Far promotion of the China-Russia Dealingship," Aforesaid Li Xin, director of the Institute of European and Asian Studies at Shanghai's University of Political Science and Law.

China and Russia have Progressively Recovered common cause over what they believe is a U.S. disregard for their Regional and Certificate concerns, Li Aforesaid. Both their governments have also Affected to Gibelike the U.S. over its domestic travails, from last year's Capitol riot to its Battle to control COVID-19.

"The U.S. and the Western countries, on the one Bridge player, are exerting pressure against Russia over the issue of Ukraine, and on the Another Bridge player, are exerting pressure against China over the issue of Taiwan," Li Aforesaid, referring to the self-governing island democracy and U.S. ally that China claims as its own Territorial dominion. "Such acts of extreme pressure by the West will only Effect China and Russia to Far Fortify cooperation."

Yuri Ushakov, Putin's International Personal matters Advisor, Aforesaid that Putin's visit would mark a new Degree in the Russia-ChinŠ° partnership that he Delineate as a "key Agent Tributary to a Property Spherical development and Serving counter Withering activities by certain countries."

He Aforesaid that Moscow and Beijing plan to issue a joint Affirmation on international Dealings that will reflect their Joint views on Spherical Certificate and Another issues, and officials from the two countries are set to sign More than a dozen of agreements on Swop, energy and Another issues.

Ushakov Illustrious that Moscow and Beijing have close or identical stands on most international issues. He particularly Accented that China backs Russia in the current Draw over Ukraine.

"Beijing supports Russia's demands for Certificate guarantees and shares a view that Certificate of one Country can't be ensured by breaching Another county's Certificate," Ushakov Aforesaid in a conference call with reporters.

A buildup of More than 100,000 Russian Flocks near Ukraine has Oxyacetylene Western fears that Moscow is poised to invade its Neighbour. Russia has denied Provision an Disgusting but urged the U.S. and its allies to provide a binding pledge that NATO won't expand to Ukraine and Another ex-Soviet Countrys or deploy weapons In that location and roll back its Effects from Eastern Europe — the demands Firm rejected by the West.

Some observers Recommended that Beijing is closely Observation how the U.S. and its allies act in the Draw over Ukraine as it Chew overs Far Scheme on Taiwan, Contention that indecision by Washington could encourage China to grow More assertive.

Putin on Tuesday accused the U.S. and its allies of stonewalling Russia's Certificate demands but held the door open for More Dialogue. He argued that NATO's expansion eastward and a potential Crack of Rank to Ukraine undermine Russia's Certificate and violate international agreements endorsing "the indivisibility of Certificate," a principle meaning that the Certificate of one Country shouldn't be Fortifyed at the expense of Anothers.

The Russian Loss leader has warned that if the West refuses to heed Russian demands, he could Club unspecified "military-technical moves." Other than a full-fledged Intrusion in Ukraine that the West fears, Putin could Chew over Another escalatory options, including beefing up already extensive Study ties with China.

Russia and China have held a Serial of joint war games, including Armed service drills and patrols by long-range bombers over the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea. In August, Russian Flocks for the 1st time deployed to Chinese Territorial dominion for joint maneuvers.

Even though Moscow and Beijing in the past rejected the possibility of forging a Study alliance, Putin has Aforesaid that Much a prospect can't be Subordinate out. He also has Illustrious that Russia has been Joint Extremely Responsive Study technologies with China that helped Importantly bolster its defense capability.

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