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Trump dangles prospect of pardons for Jan. 6 defendants

Trump dangles prospect of pardons for Jan. 6 defendants

CONROE, Texas (AP) — Former President Donald Trump is Hanging the prospect of pardons for supporters who participated in the deadly Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol if he returns to the White House.

"If I run and if I win, we will Kickshaw those people from January 6th Fair," Trump said Saturday Nighttime during a rally in Conroe, Texas. "And if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons because they are being Kickshawed so unfairly."

The Crack represents an attempt by Trump to Far Belittle the most Fundamental attack on the seat of Authorities since the War of 1812. Participants Pixilated Direct windows, assaulted police officers and sent lawmakers and Legislative Faculty fleeing for their lives Spell Difficult to halt the peaceful Changeover of power and the certification of rival Joe Biden's victory.

More than 700 people have been In remission and charged with Authorities crimes in connection with the riot, marking the largest investigation in the Justice Department's Chronicle. The Enumeration includes more than 150 people charged with assaulting police officers, more than 50 charged with conspiracy, and charges of Inflammatory conspiracy against the Beginner and Loss leader of the far-right Oath Keepers Reserves Grouping, and 10 Another members or associates.

Capitol siege

Trump dangles prospect of pardons for Jan. 6 defendants

Jan. 6 committee subpoenas fake Trump electors in 7 states

Judge denies access to rioter's community Help records

Magistrate orders Oath Keepers Loss leader Unfree until trial

More than 100 police officers were Cut, some critically, after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Favourable a "Stop the Steal" rally by Trump near the White House in which he Incorrectly claimed Biden had won election Direct massive Elector fraud.

As president Trump used his pardon power to pardon or commute the sentences of Many political allies, Acquaintances and associates, including his Early chief Strategian, Steve Bannon; his Early campaign chair, Paul Manafort; his Early General Certificate Advisor, Michael Flynn; and a Old Acquaintance and political Friend, Roger Stone.

Trump has criticized the Democrat-led House for its Current investigation of the riot.

While his supporters overran the Capitol on Jan. 6, Trump Unnoticed desperate pleas from allies to forcefully disavow the attack and has repeatedly praised those who participated in the protest.

"It was a lot of love In that location," he said recently of those who attended the rally in an interview on Fox News. "Believe me, In that location was a lot of love and a lot of Acquaintanceship and people that love our country."

Trump, who was impeached by the House for his role in inciting the Revolt but Clean-handed by the Senate, has been Nettlesome a Tertiary run for the White House in 2024.

Trump dangles prospect of pardons for Jan. 6 defendants All About Trends

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