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Pete Smith Actor In Pictures The Inauguration Joe

Pete Smith Actor

In pictures: The inauguration Joe Biden.

pete Metalworker actor

Joe Biden Bound president Chief Justice John Roberts January 20, 2021.

Pete Smith.

Holding Bible Biden Married woman, Jill.

His children Ashley Hunter .

Pete Smith.

Fireworks White House Inauguration Day events.

Pete Smith.

Biden holds grandson Beau White House.

Singer Katy Perry performs song "Firework" celebrations.

pete Metalworker actor

National Guard members watch Pyrotechnics Black Lives Matter Plaza.

Biden delivers remarks Lincoln Memorial prime-time "Celebrating America" event.

"It Humiliating Outdoor Degree place First Holy words," Biden live Video broadcast.

"Humbling respect President Lincoln Agency Part Humiliating , American people.

" White House press Repository Jen Psaki takes questions journalists Biden inauguration.

Pete Smith.

Psaki confirmed hold daily briefings.

pete Metalworker actor

She told Newsmans room b*tt heads " a common End, Joint accurate information American people.

" Biden swears presidential appointees a virtual ceremony.

Biden told Faculty members working forcing change.

"We a chance change ," .

"That reason I involved politics.

I .

pete Metalworker actor

So feel .

Pete Smith.

" Biden signs executive orders Oval Office inauguration.

"There Clip First Now," Biden told Newsmans began Sign language a Flock orders Memorandum.

"I First keeping promises I American people.

" Biden arrives White House Clip president.

While Road White House, Biden exited presidential Fomite walked Elastic Class.

pete Metalworker actor

Biden Michigan talk White House.

Pete Smith.

Members Study walk White House Biden abbreviated parade.

The drumline University Delaware takes part Biden inaugural parade.

Vice President Kamala Harris walks Class White House.

Pete Smith.

Members Howard University drumline watch Biden motorcade.

Pete Smith.

Biden Harris participate a wreath-laying ceremony Tomb Unknown Soldier Arlington, Virginia A band parades president vice president.

pete Metalworker actor

Biden, Harris spouses leave US Capitol inauguration ceremony.

Three US presidents ladies wait President Biden wreath-laying ceremony Tomb Unknown Soldier.

From left Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Laura Bush, George W.

Bush, Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton.

Biden signs documents Oath- ceremony: inauguration day proclamation, Nominating addresss Cabinet Nominating addresss -Cabinet positions.

Pete Smith.

Keith Hodson pops a bottle champagne Stairs Colorado State Capitol Denver.

pete Metalworker actor

Harris husband, Doug Emhoff, Adopt Vice President Mike Pence lady Karen Pence inauguration.

Historical Study attire worn "pass review," a Custom incoming president reviews a procession Study Soldiery.

Harris leaves inauguration.

The Obamas leave Capitol inauguration.

Jill Biden embraces husband inaugural address.

Pete Smith.

A man watches a live broadcast inauguration Times Square New York.

pete Metalworker actor

Biden delivers inaugural address oath Agency.

"Politics a raging fire destroying path," Biden called Americans .

Pete Smith.

"We .

America .

" Jackson Smith cheers watches inauguration Class home Beverly Hills, Michigan.

Pete Smith.

The Biden Class Parts a hug inauguration.

pete Metalworker actor

The Bidens walk inauguration.

Harris Bound vice president husband holds Bible.

Harris Bound Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Pete Smith

She wore color purple a nod Shirley Chisholm, African-American woman run president.

Kelsey Nix watches inauguration Manuel Tavern, a bar Atlanta.

Pete Smith.

Guests Sitting Capitol Biden Oath-.

pete Metalworker actor

The VIPs Attending Distributed coronavirus pandemic.

Biden raises hand takes oath Agency.

Biden Addresss West Front US Capitol.

Former President Barack Obama congratulates Biden Oath-.

Biden Obama vice president years.

Amanda Gorman, Country - youth poet Honourable, delivered a Content resilience inauguration.

pete Metalworker actor

"We march , move : a country Contused , benevolent bold, Stormy Atrip," .

"We Upset interrupted intimidation Inactiveness Inactiveness Proximo.

" Pennsylvania Avenue blocked Certificate inauguration.

The Bidens kiss inauguration ceremony.

The Bidens walk Degree inauguration.

Officials Carry-over motorcade license plates inauguration.

pete Metalworker actor

Biden son Hunter attends inauguration son, Beau.

Pete Smith.

Jennifer Lopez sings ceremony.

Pete Smith.

She performed "America Beautiful" "This Land Is Your Land.

" Lopez escorted inauguration.

Guests Outdoor Degree National Anthem.

Pete Smith.

At center presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg husband, Chasten.

pete Metalworker actor

Buttigieg Biden pick Department of Transportation Repository.

Lady Gaga sings National Anthem First Vice President Mike Pence Harris Biden Bound .

Harris smiles husband Oath-.

A camera Hustler films inauguration.

Pete Smith.

The Bidens arrive Oath- ceremony.

Bob Garrett Outdoor Degrees Pledge Allegiance Observation inauguration Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

pete Metalworker actor

Garrett, a Sacristan Market Square Presbyterian Church, hosted a watch party homeless.

The Marine Band plays inauguration.

Pete Smith.

Former President Bill Clinton lady Hillary Clinton arrive inauguration.

This year inauguration pared coronavirus pandemic.

The National Mall closed public.

US Sen.

Pete Smith.

pete Metalworker actor

Bernie Sanders sits Capitol bleachers waiting Biden Bound .

The Pic quickly a meme.

Sanders ran Democratic Nominating address 2016 2020.

Pete Smith.

Harris hugs husband Bound vice president.

The Bidens arrive Capitol inauguration.

Ted Cruz, a Republican Texas, wears a face mask reads "Come Take It" arrives inauguration.

pete Metalworker actor

Guests arrive inauguration.

Former President George W.

Bush, left, joined inauguration House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Barack Obama lady Michelle Obama.

US Rep.

Terri Sewell wears a face Buckler arriving inauguration.

Pete Smith.

Her mask references Alpha Kappa Alpha, Harris sorority.

pete Metalworker actor

Supreme Court justices arrive Oath- ceremony.

Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas Stephen Breyer attend inauguration Wellness risks posed pandemic.

Alito, Thomas Breyer oldest members court.

Harris greets President Obama ceremony.

Members Children Workshop, arts Scientific discipline preschool Seattle, pause a Carving walking flags celebrate inauguration.

Biden greets Lady Gaga, wearing a Gilded broach Condition a dove.

Pete Smith.

pete Metalworker actor

Pete Smith

The Bidens walk Capitol.

The Marine Band performs inauguration.

Pete Smith.

President Donald Trump acknowledges Musical accompanimenters Landing place West Palm Beach, Florida.

He skipped inauguration.

Pelosi arrives US Capitol.

Former presidents Obama Clinton inauguration, spouses Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

pete Metalworker actor

The Marine Band conductor First Capitol inauguration.

Capitol Police Agencyr Eugene Goodman attends inauguration.

Goodman hailed a hero video emerged Directive violent mob Senate chamber earlier Calendar month.

He escorted Harris inauguration ceremony.

Biden, Harris spouses wave Capitol.

The Bidens hold Custody walking Capitol Stairs.

pete Metalworker actor

American flags National Mall.

Pete Smith.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee planted 191,500 flags Mall represent people attend inauguration.

Some Harris Class members a selfie inauguration.

Marine One flies Capitol President Trump leaves Joint Base Andrews.

Former President Bush lady Laura Bush arrive inauguration.

Pete Smith.

Name tags Seating room assignments Re-formed inauguration.

pete Metalworker actor

US Marines prepare usher guests Capitol.

The Bidens attend Mass Cathedral St.

Matthew Apostle Washington, DC.

Trump Musical accompanimenters wave Trump returns Mar-a-Lago estate Florida.

President Trump lady Melania Trump board Air Force One Joint Base Andrews head Florida.

Marine One flies Washington Monument Trump left Country capital.

pete Metalworker actor

Trump a Leave-taking Address Embarkment Air Force One Joint Base Andrews.

"I Engagement ," First a crowd Class Acquaintances.

 "I Observation.

 I Hearing, I   Proximo  country .

Pete Smith.

 I administration great luck Avid Winner.

 I Avid success.

pete Metalworker actor

 They Foot   Striking.

" People watch Trump Leave-taking Joint Base Andrews.

Holding phone center US Rep.

Pete Smith.

Lauren Boebert, Republicans voted Enumeration Electoral College votes Biden.

Trump acknowledges children Class members Tarmacadam Joint Base Andrews.

Trump departs White House aboard Marine One.

pete Metalworker actor

Trump waves boards Marine One White House.

Pete Smith.

White House Faculty members carry boxes Marine One Trump left White House.

A Newsman prepares inauguration.

Biden, Harris spouses attend a Covid-19 memorial Nighttime inauguration.

It paid Protection Americans died pandemic.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, , members House Democratic Loss Leadershiphip hold a Covid-19 memorial Stairs US Capitol Nighttime inauguration.

pete Metalworker actor

At Majority Leader Steny Hoye.

The pop culture Consequences 2021 Draw a blank .

We laughed, cringed, tweeted -- pop culture Consequences remember Lovingly year .

From meme-worthy Consequence "House Gucci" resurrection early-2000s Criterion -- Bennifer , bested Euphony diva -- revisit pop culture Consequences "unprecedented" year.

Best Line Reading "House Gucci" "Father, son, house Gucci.

Pete Smith.

" It sign cross a woman worships altar FASHION, a line Superstar Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta concocted Bit.

pete Metalworker actor

How feel film Picture line reading depends versions Italian accent Allow, gift Gaga performance Super Mario impressions worth .

Best -screen side eye Taylour Paige "Zola" Annoyed, Perplexed, Afraid, Sick of -- Paige eyes Address volumes horrors driving central Florida a Conniving Acquaintance Forbidding, er, "roommate.

" Whether Academy Truly give Paige Clay , CNN Culture team DELIGHTED present a Bit equally Venerable Light-headed list.

Best 10-minute performance a film Zendaya "Dune" Zendaya appeared sand heir Timothé Chalamet hallucinations plot-relevant sequences "Dune," bright blue contacts Fistful Transactions onscreen.

As Chani, Closing words film -- , Timmy! -- nailed a searing Put-down Chalamet Paul lends prized crysknife.

Bring Part Two, Denis Villeneuve, put gal First center Clip.

pete Metalworker actor

Best unexpected celebrity couple Zoë Kravtiz Channing Tatum Kravitz Tatum Just latest a long Bequest beautiful Black women men reach levels hotness ( : Jodie Turner-Smith Joshua Jackson, Serena Williams Alexis Ohanian, uh Zoë Kravitz -husband).

Pete Smith.

History , Tatum Kravitz Preferred Hippy Brooklyn couple year, glamorously Prosaic rode bikes, grabbed groceries walked -- making mere mortals Handclas.

Even a paparazzi ploy, ate .

Best-worst excuse Covid-19 Vaccinum Nicki Minaj Who create international Mayhem Covid-19 Vaccinum misinformation? None Nicki, claim -- based assuredly Inerrable account a Acquaintance a Full cousin a.

Check -- Vaccinum caused Turgid t*st*cl*s impotency resulted Triple General Loss Leadership stepping .

Misinformation a party Afoul, memes, Nicki.

pete Metalworker actor

Best reason cancel cable The Oprah/Meghan/Harry interview This primetime appointment viewing likes years.

Pete Smith.

A good Mannered Thunderbolt Windfall.

Pete Smith.

It gave perfect response unbelievable.

Best early 2000s revival Britney Spears, post-conservatorship In a Jammed Airfield Enclosed return Tony Soprano, Ben Affleck J.

Lo Reunification, "Gossip Girl" Bring up -rise jeans renaissance, Ms.

Pete Smith.

Britney Jean Spears eventful 2021 -- happiest .

Pete Smith.

pete Metalworker actor

Not "Toxic" songstress Atrip a 13-year conservatorship accounts Gravely restrictive, engaged a guy played a Mute "Sexy Santa" HBO Max Innovational Serial.

Bravo, Ms.

Spears, ! Best Crackhero Moving-picture Appearance Fondnessthrob Tony Leung "Shang-Chi Legend Ten Rings" Marvel "Shang-Chi" Illustrious Appearancecasing Asian American Crackhero MCU, Draw a blank , ONLY, Tony Leung, Thievery Appearance ( Black Maria) Fit.

Against piercing gaze ripped forearms, Low-powered.

Thank , Tony, Help.

Best Instagram Brokenheartedness Alex Rodriguez When Alex Rodriguez Instagram break Jennifer Lopez, bound devastating.

pete Metalworker actor

As Baseball Crippled star Upset soft boi panned Riant Pics J.

Pete Smith.

Lo, sad Hymn "Fix You" Coldplay spinning background ( red flags), set a bar public Bereft Brokenheartedness.

Pete Smith.

Sad people , Notation.

Pete Smith.

Runner Up: Ben Affleck throwing life-sized Ana de Armas cutout First paparazzi.

We love a Fit! Best red carpet--sleepover fit A$AP Rocky, AKA Mr.

Rihanna Rocky knew year Met Gala Mediocre , , opting wrap piece Cali-cool brand ERL, prepared a Short sleep .

pete Metalworker actor

Comfort Flair day.

Pete Smith.

Best accent work Kate Winslet "Mare Easttown" Winslet, a born Brit, seamlessly slipped voice a vaping Pennsylvanian brassy roots emotional Luggage power Emmy, .

Even win top prize, "wurtur" "hewgie.

Pete Smith.

" Best Adele song mourn "Love a Game" In Record album 2015, Adele Closingly year, ready soundtrack late-night sob Roger Sessions "30.

Pete Smith.

" The Record album, part chronicles Isaac Merrit Singer divorce Succeeding revelations, ripe sad songs, 7-minute long closer.

"Love a Crippled fools play," Adele croons, Going pick pieces a Fondness realize Stone-broken.

pete Metalworker actor

Adele, hurt ?! Best drama queen The ship Cragfast Suez Canal The Ever Given gave give Thirster.

For reason, Pasted drama Worn out ship lodged world Fundamental Swop routes a week budge.

"Would Now day Ever Given Closingly 400 ships pass?" mused.

"Why I identify ship gave work Discontinuous entire Spherical economy?" Best stache Ted Lasso From Way-out sayings Undreamt of Stool pigeon collection, Coach Ted Lasso ( hit Apple TV Appearance "Ted Lasso," played Jason Sudeikis) icon.

But Worthy Important Moustache, a luscious chevron ripped Accurate 80s.

Pete Smith.

You moisturizes.

pete Metalworker actor

Bravo, Coach.

Best age barometer The return Steve "Blue Clues" Remember Steve -- bald dressed Key signature Naive Stripy Rugger shirt -- visited Twitter feeds a Content proud abrupt departure Appearance 2001? Your reaction gave rest a good idea .

Touched Teary-eyed? You a Bring up a kid Favored "Blue Clues" kid.

Unaffected creeped ? Either young enjoy Steve run Appearance.

Best kitchen Gadget , , Air fryers Your mom .

Your Neighbour .

pete Metalworker actor

Heck, Roomy cook .

Air fryers 2010, Omnipresent year, making -- Brussels sprouts Fixed chicken nuggets -- Appreciation crisp Saucily Deep-fried, work.

Of , a Mistakable effect achieved a Outdoor Degreeard oven, digress.

Best reason watch SNL Bowen Yang Yang kind --a-generation Gift land a Bit People "Sexiest Men Alive play iceberg sank Titanic conviction rooting Gravy holder.

Pete Smith.

May continue Thanksgiving TITANIC Gifts years .

Best Crackstars feel TIE: Olivia Rodrigo Lil Nas X She streams Spotify, visited White House, Stone-broke Ticketmaster tour Cut-rate sale.

Pete Smith.

pete Metalworker actor

He a cosign Dolly Parton, trolls Drake, created Unforgettable Euphony videos Clip.

And Elderly 25 -- Rodrigo 18 ( driver license, Draw a blank), Lil Nas X 22.

And , babies running Euphony industry -- , , world.

Best couple matter hard Megan Fox Machine Gun Kelly It age- Tale: Boy (rapper, associate Pete Davidson) meets g*rl (gifted Unexpressive actress Female parent ), g*rl tells boy smells weed, boy "I weed," Segregated Shipway cross paths a film set years dive Forward a public, PDA-packed relationship cringe wholeheartedly Musical accompaniment a blend .

Even love , delightfully Insane British GQ interview.

You .

pete Metalworker actor

Best android-witch love Tale Wanda & Vision Disney+ "WandaVision" We deal Fondnessache Shipway.

And Wanda, android-boyfriend Vision killed alien dictator ( cool, Thanos), creates alternate reality prevent dealing Brokenheartedness a love .

We relate! From Way-out Feeding habits literal magic Appearances, Wanda Vision a delight Blinds.

We Sob "What Brokenheartedness, love Patient?" .

Pete Smith.

Best politics teen culture collab Sen.

Richard Blumenthal Facebook "stop finsta" Antigone Davis, head Spherical Base hit Facebook, explain "finsta" a Cant term private "fake Instagram" accounts -- Ethnic media company controls.

pete Metalworker actor

Nevertheless, 75-year- Connecticut senator persisted, Davis "Will commit finsta?" Facebook Run.

Blumenthal, , Just get .

Pete Smith.

The a mirror Forward-looking Social issues, Mirthful Black.

Best Clip a Swiftie Fall 2021 While author piece attest a Taylor Swift stan, 2021 a good Clip -- November, release 10-minute version song Upset a legion young people Jake Gyllenhaal.

Taylor Appointive -- , 40th Clip -- Album Year Grammys, a category won ceremony.

Congrats Swifties -- year year.

pete Metalworker actor

Best villain Red light, Naive light doll "Squid Game" Netflix "Squid Game," a South Korean anti-capitalist thriller, captured world imaginations, Flowing Help popular Appearance launch -- 111 Cardinal accounts wat.

NTSB investigators seek clues Pittsburgh bridge collapse.

National Transportation Safety Board investigators descended a Overgrown ravine Pittsburgh Saturday a snow-covered bridge collapsed day earlier.

Investigators flew a drone area Hunt answers 52-year- Brand Framework bridge collapsed predawn darkness Friday, Going 10 people Regime -life-threatening injuries.

The NTSB investigation examine full Chronicle bridge, including design, construction, maintenance, NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy .

Pete Smith.

"Over coming weeks, put bridge a microscope," Homendy a news conference Saturday.

pete Metalworker actor

The collapsed occurred hours a Antecedently Regular visit city President Joe Biden discuss infrastructure.

On a Regular visit Kansas City Friday, Secretary Transportation Pete Buttigieg called collapse "a blunt Monitor" invest American Roadstead Harry Bridges.

"The bottom line Befall United States America," Buttigieg collapse, CNN Assort KMBC Rumored.

The 13-member NTSB team arrived Fit late Friday Good afternoon.

Pete Smith.

Homendy Knowledge material engineers map area a drone removing Junk evidence.

The engineers signs Emphasis materials bridge fractures deterioration, NTSB investigator--charge Dennis Collins.

pete Metalworker actor

Four Fomites bridge fell area Forbes Braddock Boulevards, Regime .

First responders ropes Rope down get victims, Fire Chief Darryl Jones .

Crews called a "daisy chain" Joined Custody reach victims pull .

Pete Smith.

The Pittsburgh Transit Authority bus Appearancen Hanging precariously sections bridge Saturday cameras Adorned , Homendy , clear footage cameras usable.

The bus Emotional safely Saturday diesel fuel board.

President Biden visited site collapse Friday Good afternoon.

pete Metalworker actor

During a Address Carnegie Mellon University Mill 19 Friday Good afternoon, President collapsed bridge " rated poor condition 10 years.

" Pennsylvania Lt.

John Fetterman CNN Friday called bridge a "vital Arteria" Pittsburgh area.

Pete Smith.

The bridge crosses Frick Park, city largest Rosa Parks.

The bridge received " condition" rating "poor," Site Pennsylvania Department Transportation, tracks Harry Bridges Country.

The 447-foot bridge built 1970 a Brand rigid Framework, Site.

pete Metalworker actor

The PennDOT Site condition deck, road Opencast, rated "4 - Poor," Crackstructure condition.

The Foot condition rated "6 - Satisfactory.

" Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey bridge inspected September 2021.

Some "rehab" work bridge a couple years , including repaving Opencast, City Councilmember Corey OConnor.

A preliminary report NTSB expected weeks, Admit a conclusion collapse, Homendy .

United Airlines launches Escape Honorary society alleviate pilot Dearth.

pete Metalworker actor

Amid a pilot Dearth, United Airlines created a Escape Schoolhouse, Closely-held a major US airline.

Airlines downsized Covid-19 pandemic hire pilots.

Pete Smith. All About Trends

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