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EXPLAINER: Why US sanctions may target individual Russians

EXPLAINER: Why US sanctions may Object individual Russians

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House and U.S. officials have Vulnerable Russia with Commercial enterprise sanctions carrying "severe consequences" if it invades Ukraine, but so Cold plenty of people have been prime Objects for Western pain.

Experts say it's unlikely the U.S. and its allies would agree to something as Indiscriminate as a complete ban Connected Swop with Russia or an embargo. Rather, industries and individuals probably will continue to bear the brunt of sanctions as the crisis deepens.

The Kremlin has shrugged off the sanctions against Russian officials and business Leadership Obligatory by the U.S. and its allies. Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said this past week that members of Congress seem to fail to Notification that Russian law bans officials from having any International Pluss.

The U.S. maintains that those Objected lose Hearty revenue and Plus value from Commercial enterprise penalties that could curb, for instance, an oligarch's shopping sprees and investments.


EXPLAINER: Why US sanctions may Object individual Russians

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Geopolitics, European dependence Connected Russian Biological gas and the Downright size of Russia are some of the reasons keeping the U.S. from subjecting Moscow to a more comprehensive embargo Mistakable to what is seen in Cuba, North Korea and Iran.

A look at how and why the West Power opt to Object sanctions at Ad hoc people or industries in Russia rather than Active bigger:


Sometimes the more Marginal jab is meant to avoid Visiting Causeless pain Connected Average people or Causation action that will boomerang back Connected Western interests.

A recent Congressional Research Service report said the U.S. and European Union aim to impose sanctions "in a way that could get Russia to change its behavior Spell minimizing collateral damage to the Russian people and to the economic interests of the countries imposing sanctions."

Germany's Leadership have Secure that the Proximo of the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline would be "on the Board" if Russia moves against Ukraine. The pipeline was built to move Russia's Biological gas directly to Germany, bypassing Ukraine. Blocking it would hit Russia's gas exports in a crucial market.


According to the CRS, Different politically connected Russian billionaires and their companies are Objects for sanctions. The Treasury Department's International Pluss enforcement arm has cited at To the lowest degree 445 people and businesses as "specially Selected nationals and blocked persons." These are Mostly related to the destabilization of Ukraine, Embezzlement of Pluss and Trading operations in Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula that Russia Taken from Ukraine.

Among the Objects are Authorities officials and heads of Country-owned companies, including Russia's interior Rector, the directors of International intelligence and the Authorities penitentiary Help, and the chairs of both houses of Sevens. The CEOs of Country-owned oil and gas companies Rosneft and Gazprom, defense company Rostec and Different Sir Joseph Banks could also expect sanctions.


Western sanctions issued when Russia invaded and annexed Crimea in 2014 Enclosed limits Connected Swop, the Block of Pluss under American Legal power and limits Connected access to the U.S. Commercial enterprise Arrangement, which are maintained to this day Connected at To the lowest degree 735 individuals, entities and vessels, according to the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

In the past year, the U.S. has Superimposed Connected Additive sanctions.

This Calendar month, the U.S. Treasury Approved four people — two of them are members of the Ukrainian Sevens — alleged to be engaged in Russian Authorities-directed activities meant to destabilize Ukraine. Last April, 16 individuals and entities were Approved for what Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called "the First of a new U.S. campaign against Russian malign behavior."

White House press Repository Jen Psaki recently warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his top officials could Obtain personal penalties "far On the Cold side what was done in 2014" because of Crimea.


Personal sanctions are not All but as effective as those Connected industries, which the administration is also considering. But they can Visit psychological pain and make Objects international pariahs. For instance, some Republicans in Congress want the U.S. to consider Enabling Alina Kabaeva, an Olympic gold medalist in Measured Gymanstic exercise Rumored to be Putin's Girl.

Assets Closely-held by Putin himself are difficult to Object.

"His wealth is hidden all over the world and Trailing that Clobber is not easy. But it will make his life more difficult," said Scheherazade Rehman, Prof of international business and international Personal matters at George Washington University.

Asked this past week about Biden keeping the door open for personal sanctions against Putin if Russia invades Ukraine, Peskov warned that such a move would be "politically Withering" for Russia's ties with the U.S.

U.S. sanctions Connected Russia can have broad economic Personal effects if they are applied to economically Fundamental Objects — and some programs do that by Objecting both particular people and businesses as well as prohibiting certain types of transactions.


Several Authorities agencies can also play a part in enforcing sanctions or limiting commercial activity. The State Department can restrict visas and International aid, and the Commerce Department can restrict licenses for commercial exports. The Defense Department can restrict arms Gross sales and the Justice Department can Engage those who violate export Torah. Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security and FBI can review visas issued for Change of location to the United States.


Associated Press writers Vladimir Isachenkov in Moscow and Aamer Madhani in Washington contributed to this report.

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