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Uncovering the Reasons Why Play is So Important for Children

HEMN.ME, Children and play activities are two things that are clearly inseparable. Some parents may feel that accompanying children to play is easy, some feel bored.

Imaginative and creative play is very important for children to develop their social, emotional and cognitive skills. There are many benefits to play for children, apart from being a way of exploring and discovering their world.

Play can be a means of development and self-regulation, increasing concentration, and the ability to explore. Play is becoming more important for children today, in critical times like the pandemic, as reported by .

The importance of play activities for children

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Parents' involvement in children's play will help them cope with anxiety and stress, making children feel safer and more secure. Over time, let the children decide what they want to do, let them be the boss in their own imaginative play. Good luck! Lifestyle Fashion And Entertainment -

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