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Success with Online Fashion and Accessory Business in Pandemic Period

HEMN.ME, While many businesses have also collapsed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jims Honey's online fashion business has remained smooth in transactions. With an online shopping platform, the brand, which has been established since 2014, has actually experienced higher sales than last year.

This is inseparable from activity restrictions that make people inevitably shop online. Including buying fashion products such as bags, wallets, and watch accessories

"Sales of Jims Honey online during the pandemic are still running smoothly, even there is an increase compared to last year. Because during the pandemic more and more people were at home and choosing to buy goods online, and Jims Honey started online, "said Jims Honey Founder Jessica Isabella recently.

Not only sales, but the number of Jims Honey resellers has also increased considering that many people have been affected by this pandemic. So that not a few of them decide to look for side activities to become entrepreneurs to increase income such as the fashion business .

“The number of resellers has also increased during the pandemic. The problem is, some are WFH, their salaries are cut and this encourages people to look for other additional money to cover their living costs, pay installments, and so on. And one of the easiest to reach is an online business that can be done at home, ”continued Jessica.

Jims Honey Products
Jims Honey Products (Photo. Personal Doc.)

Success Together While Helping the Family Economy

Founder of Jims Honey Jessica Isabella
Founder Jims Honey Jessica Isabella (Photo. Doc. Personal)

With all the conveniences you get in selling local brands at affordable prices, Jims Honey also wants to invite more people, especially women, to participate. Because by selling Jims Honey, women, including housewives, can help the family economy.

"I feel that I have to step forward to help others, let's do business together and we will be successful together. The opportunities for growth are immense. Moreover, the Jims Honey brand is quite well known, its products are of good quality at affordable prices so that it is not difficult to sell them back, "said the alumnus of Tarumanegara University.

As a form of its seriousness in running this fashion style business, Jims Honey also has two large warehouses in Jakarta and Makassar. The choice of Makassar itself is because it is the door to the economy for Eastern Indonesia.

"The shipping price is much cheaper from Makassar for shipments from eastern Indonesia than for those from Jakarta. So, my hope is that I can help resellers who are located far away to grow too with shipping costs that are not too high, so that when selling, the selling price doesn't go up too far from the Jakarta price, ”said this birth on May 14, 1987.

Jims Honey also continues to develop its business by releasing the latest products. This is to prove that during a pandemic, they do not stop being creative.

“Our latest will be to launch a lunch box. The Jims Honey team is very concerned about this pandemic, so we hope it can help educate the public on the importance of bringing their own supplies from home to make it more hygienic, "he concluded. Lifestyle Fashion And Entertainment -

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