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7 K - Korean Celebrities Subscribe to Designer, Anyone?

HEMN.ME Not only the beauty products, the fashion worn by Korean celebrities has also caught the attention of K-Wave enthusiasts.

Behind the fashionable styles of Korean celebrities , there are Korean stylists, designers and brands that are innovative and trendy.

Launching Soompi, here are some Korean designers who are often used by South Korean celebrities.

1. Danha Seoul

Danha Seoul / doc.  Danha Seoul
Danha Seoul / doc. Danha Seoul

When BLACKPINK wore modern hanboks for their “How You Like That” music video, Danha became the talk for their fashionable yet fashion-forward appearance to traditional clothing.

2. Zijangsa

Zijangsa / doc.  Zijangsa
Zijangsa / doc. Zijangsa

When BTS's Jungkook stepped into the airport wearing a hanbok set styled in a casual look, the Zijangsa brand suddenly took the spotlight, causing his clothes to sell out within minutes! Zijangsa, a brand that makes comfortable and wearable hanboks that save money.

3. Minju Kim

Minju Kim / doc.  Minju Kim
Minju Kim / doc. Minju Kim

Minju Kim has been used by Red Velvet, but the world really took notice when she designed clothes for Seo Ye Ji in her role as the enchanting writer Go Moon Young in "It's Okay to Not Be Okay".

4. Jaybaek Couture

Dock.  Jaybaek Couture
Dock. Jaybaek Couture

Jaybaek Couture is a designer brand loved by many celebrities for its classic tailoring, attention to detail, and a custom suit that fits like a glove.

5. Kim Seo Ryong

Dock.  Kim Seo Ryong
Dock. Kim Seo Ryong

If there is a flagship designer who has a portfolio filled with Korean handsome stars, it must be Kim Seo Ryong. Considered a veteran in menswear, Kim Seo Ryong first launched his brand in 1996. He has won several design awards since then for his impeccable classic looks and standing the test of time.

6. Lang n Lu

Dock.  Lang n Lu
Dock. Lang n Lu

HyunA, the star, enlisted designer Lang n Lu's help to create a flirty floral look that's still edgy. This resulted in her iconic comeback as a solo artist, in clothes that compliment HyunA's beauty and personality. This brand is very popular with Kpop stars.

7. KYE

KYE / sis.  Soompi
KYE / sis. Soompi

KYE dresses some of the hottest stars and continues to be the go-to choice for its sporty and urban mix. With friends like CL, BIGBANG's G-Dragon, and model Irene, designer Kathleen Kye has endless inspiration. Lifestyle Fashion And Entertainment -

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