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3 Common Mistakes to Know About Victims of Bullying

HEMN.ME, Some people believe in certain things about children who are the targets of bullies. However, in understanding the victims of bullying , it is important to dispel these myths. They weren't weak and they didn't deserve to be bullied. Here are some common myths that people believe about victims of bullying .

All Victims Become Weak

It is true that some victims of bullying are vulnerable and indecisive, but this assumption is not always factual. All children are at risk of being bullied regardless of who they are. Even popular kids can be bullied. What's more, children can be bullied because they are students who are gifted, have special needs, or something else.

When people perceive all victims of bullying as weak, it exacerbates the shame that children feel when they are bullied . It also increases the likelihood that they will not tell adults when they are being bullied .

Bullying Victims Overreact Bullying
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Most adults find it difficult to understand how painful the bullying can be. This phenomenon is often referred to as gap empathy. Many adults believe that bullying builds character in children. But research has shown that bullying can have serious consequences. In fact, a number of problems have been linked to bullying including depression, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, self-harm and stress disorders.

Will Repay What They Experience

One of the most popular thoughts among parents is teaching their children how to fight back. While it is important for children to defend themselves against bullying, it is not a good idea to encourage them to retaliate or take revenge.

Besides the fact that fighting back usually only exacerbates the problem, research has shown that bullies suffer the most severe consequences. What's more, they tend to be shunned by their peers.

Addressing problems with a little knowledge of what it's like to be a victim of bullying will make Mom better prepared to deal with problems in a knowledgeable and compassionate manner. Lifestyle Fashion And Entertainment -

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