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4 New Expectations That Come When Loving Yourself

Hemn.me, Loving yourself is not something selfish. It is precisely by loving ourselves that we can live a happier and more meaningful life. ...

Kang Han Na Reveals Similarities to Won In Jae's Character in "Start-Up" Drama

Kang Han Na Reveals Similarities to Won In Jae's Character in "Start-Up" Drama

Kang Han Na

HEMN.ME, Kang Han Na , whose name is attracting public attention after the first episode of the drama series " Start-Up " aired on Netflix on October 17, 2020.

Talking about the role of the antagonist Won In Jae he plays, Kang Han Na claims to have similarities with the fictional character.

Korean Drama Series "Start-Up"
Korean Drama Series Star "Start-Up" at the press conference, Monday (12/10). (Photo by tvN, Courtesy of Netflix)

"In terms of my resemblance to my character Won In Jae, I think I have the determination and I will move forward. Won In-jae, as the CEO, is an extraordinary businesswoman," she told a virtual press conference for the drama "Start-Up" , Last Monday (12/10).

Even so, Kang Han Na said that she sympathized with Won In Jae's figure, and hoped that the audience could feel it too and see another side of the character.

However, deep down I felt sympathy for him. I hope viewers can understand that and support him for his personal happiness, "said Kang Han Na .

Get into the character of Kang Han Na

Kang Han Na
Kang Han Na at the press conference for Korean drama "Start-Up", Monday (12/10). (Photo by tvN, Courtesy of Netflix)

Regarding the deepening of his character, Kang Han Na needed time and watched a lot of female CEOs. None other than this was done so that he was able to perform optimally and give his best in his acting as Won In Jae.

"In Jae is a very hard working CEO and a conscientious businesswoman. The author gave me some reference videos to understand my character better. I also searched and watched some videos of successful CEOs to capture their auras," she said.

Relationship with Suzy

Bae Suzy and Kang Han Na
Bae Suzy and Kang Han Na at the press conference for the Korean drama "Start-Up", Monday (12/10). (Photo by tvN, Courtesy of Netflix)

Although in this series they continue to be involved in conflicts, Kang Han Na admitted that he and Suzy have a good relationship behind the scenes.

“My characters In Jae and Dal Mim have competition and there are many subtle conflicts going on between the two of us. We are sisters who hate each other, (however) on the set we have a great friendship and I hope you can look forward to the chemistry between. us, "he said.

3 Common Mistakes to Know About Victims of Bullying

3 Common Mistakes to Know About Victims of Bullying

HEMN.ME, Some people believe in certain things about children who are the targets of bullies. However, in understanding the victims of bullying , it is important to dispel these myths. They weren't weak and they didn't deserve to be bullied. Here are some common myths that people believe about victims of bullying .

All Victims Become Weak

It is true that some victims of bullying are vulnerable and indecisive, but this assumption is not always factual. All children are at risk of being bullied regardless of who they are. Even popular kids can be bullied. What's more, children can be bullied because they are students who are gifted, have special needs, or something else.

When people perceive all victims of bullying as weak, it exacerbates the shame that children feel when they are bullied . It also increases the likelihood that they will not tell adults when they are being bullied .

Bullying Victims Overreact Bullying
Illustrations / copyrightshutterstock / SpeedKingz

Most adults find it difficult to understand how painful the bullying can be. This phenomenon is often referred to as gap empathy. Many adults believe that bullying builds character in children. But research has shown that bullying can have serious consequences. In fact, a number of problems have been linked to bullying including depression, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, self-harm and stress disorders.

Will Repay What They Experience

One of the most popular thoughts among parents is teaching their children how to fight back. While it is important for children to defend themselves against bullying, it is not a good idea to encourage them to retaliate or take revenge.

Besides the fact that fighting back usually only exacerbates the problem, research has shown that bullies suffer the most severe consequences. What's more, they tend to be shunned by their peers.

Addressing problems with a little knowledge of what it's like to be a victim of bullying will make Mom better prepared to deal with problems in a knowledgeable and compassionate manner.

Success with Online Fashion and Accessory Business in Pandemic Period

Success with Online Fashion and Accessory Business in Pandemic Period

HEMN.ME, While many businesses have also collapsed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jims Honey's online fashion business has remained smooth in transactions. With an online shopping platform, the brand, which has been established since 2014, has actually experienced higher sales than last year.

This is inseparable from activity restrictions that make people inevitably shop online. Including buying fashion products such as bags, wallets, and watch accessories

"Sales of Jims Honey online during the pandemic are still running smoothly, even there is an increase compared to last year. Because during the pandemic more and more people were at home and choosing to buy goods online, and Jims Honey started online, "said Jims Honey Founder Jessica Isabella recently.

Not only sales, but the number of Jims Honey resellers has also increased considering that many people have been affected by this pandemic. So that not a few of them decide to look for side activities to become entrepreneurs to increase income such as the fashion business .

“The number of resellers has also increased during the pandemic. The problem is, some are WFH, their salaries are cut and this encourages people to look for other additional money to cover their living costs, pay installments, and so on. And one of the easiest to reach is an online business that can be done at home, ”continued Jessica.

Jims Honey Products
Jims Honey Products (Photo. Personal Doc.)

Success Together While Helping the Family Economy

Founder of Jims Honey Jessica Isabella
Founder Jims Honey Jessica Isabella (Photo. Doc. Personal)

With all the conveniences you get in selling local brands at affordable prices, Jims Honey also wants to invite more people, especially women, to participate. Because by selling Jims Honey, women, including housewives, can help the family economy.

"I feel that I have to step forward to help others, let's do business together and we will be successful together. The opportunities for growth are immense. Moreover, the Jims Honey brand is quite well known, its products are of good quality at affordable prices so that it is not difficult to sell them back, "said the alumnus of Tarumanegara University.

As a form of its seriousness in running this fashion style business, Jims Honey also has two large warehouses in Jakarta and Makassar. The choice of Makassar itself is because it is the door to the economy for Eastern Indonesia.

"The shipping price is much cheaper from Makassar for shipments from eastern Indonesia than for those from Jakarta. So, my hope is that I can help resellers who are located far away to grow too with shipping costs that are not too high, so that when selling, the selling price doesn't go up too far from the Jakarta price, ”said this birth on May 14, 1987.

Jims Honey also continues to develop its business by releasing the latest products. This is to prove that during a pandemic, they do not stop being creative.

“Our latest will be to launch a lunch box. The Jims Honey team is very concerned about this pandemic, so we hope it can help educate the public on the importance of bringing their own supplies from home to make it more hygienic, "he concluded.

Uncovering the Reasons Why Play is So Important for Children

Uncovering the Reasons Why Play is So Important for Children

HEMN.ME, Children and play activities are two things that are clearly inseparable. Some parents may feel that accompanying children to play is easy, some feel bored.

Imaginative and creative play is very important for children to develop their social, emotional and cognitive skills. There are many benefits to play for children, apart from being a way of exploring and discovering their world.

Play can be a means of development and self-regulation, increasing concentration, and the ability to explore. Play is becoming more important for children today, in critical times like the pandemic, as reported by goodhousekeeping.com .

The importance of play activities for children

Parent and Child Illustration Credit: pexels.com/AndreaPiacquadio

Parents' involvement in children's play will help them cope with anxiety and stress, making children feel safer and more secure. Over time, let the children decide what they want to do, let them be the boss in their own imaginative play. Good luck!

5 Advantages of Using Social Media for Parents when Parenting

5 Advantages of Using Social Media for Parents when Parenting

HEMN.ME, Social media has changed the way we communicate, get news, and share lives with others. In a new world where social media gives us life without restrictions, it also affects parenting patterns. 

Before Mom uploads photos of adorable and waiting children who like to come, take a look at how social media has changed the way we become parents, and what Mom can do to make social media a more positive experience for Mom and family. While there is no denying that social media can negatively impact parenting, there are many advantages to this platform if used with caution. Here are some things to consider using social media.

Social media was originally designed to connect people and allow us to share achievements and fun moments with friends and relatives we may not often meet or talk to.

Learn from Other Parents

Instead of using social media to develop a child's achievements, Mom can use them as a valuable resource. Social media can be used to look for tips and tricks from other parents about parenting. Or Mom can also share tips and tricks when parenting with other parents.

To Sympathize and Seek Entertainment
son and mom

Ilustrasi/copyrightshutterstock/MIA Studio

If you follow parents who are honest about their own experiences, mom will most likely feel better about her own parenting frustrations and mistakes. Search for parent-related conversations grouped by location, age or interest.

Connect with Others

While social media can't replace face-to-face intercations, social media can help provide social support at times when Mom needs to connect with friends but doesn't have time to meet in person.

Can Find Knowledge Sources

Many parenting, child and health experts are present on social media. If Mom follows these trusted people will be able to find valuable information to help relieve stress in parenting.

Keep using social media wisely yes Mom. Keep an eye on some of the policies that apply when using social media.

Long lasting makeup during virtual meetings is important, here's the trick

Long lasting makeup during virtual meetings is important, here's the trick

HEMN.ME, The PSBB which has been re-implemented is adding more reasons for not going anywhere. Even if you just spend time at home, that doesn't mean you don't need on-point makeup . In fact, virtual meeting schedules are denser when compared to face-to-face like before. Even if you only meet virtually, maximum makeup is still needed to be more confident when meeting colleagues, bosses, or important clients and partners. Even if it's only at home, you can still emit an impression of professionalism.

Wearing makeup that lasts all day is essential when stuck with a busy Zoom to Zoom agenda. So, you can minimize touching your face to prevent bacteria, germs and viruses from sticking at the same time you don't need to bother with touch ups anymore. Appearing #StayGorgeous all day at home is also important to improve your mood so you are more enthusiastic about your activities. Do you know the trick of keeping your makeup lasted when you have to face virtual meetings all day? These 3 product heroes can be your savior!

Beautiful Lips That Can Be Your Signature

Long lasting makeup during virtual meetings is important, here's the trick
(c) Intagram / makeoverid

You definitely agree that beautiful lips can be a plus point that enhances your appearance. So, there's nothing wrong with playing with seductive lip cream colors. Make sure to choose a product that has a long-lasting formula so you don't have to bother doing touch ups again. It's time to use Make Over Powerstay Transferproof Matte Lip Cream!

Here comes a powerful lip cream product to accompany a long virtual meeting agenda, because the formula is no transfer and no mark . The creamy texture sets on the lips quickly and doesn't fade easily. The color is intense in just one swipe . This beautiful color can stay on the lips for up to 14 hours, you know. The texture is comfortable on the lips with 8 beautiful color choices that can be adjusted to your makeup and outfit. In addition, this lip cream is also transferproof so it is still comfortable to use when wearing a mask, no need to be afraid of mess!

Base Makeup Hero

Long lasting makeup during virtual meetings is important, here's the trick
(c) Intagram / makeoverid

A face that looks fresh and fresh when you first apply makeup is always a dream. Unfortunately, by noon the face starts to get oily and the makeup is also slowly fading. Surely it will make you feel insecure, naturally you just want to hurry to touch up . It's time to look for a makeup base that lasts all day, like the Make Over Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion which has 10 choices shade match the skin tone of Indonesian women.

This cushion provides flawless results that last up to 12 hours. No need to worry about oily faces because there is an oil control formula in it. With the SPF 50 PA ++++ formula, the face is not only beautiful, but also protected from UVA and UVB radiation. Even at home, protection against sunlight is still important, especially because UVA rays can penetrate the glass and are not affected by the weather.

Natural Beautiful Brows That Frame the Face Well

Long lasting makeup during virtual meetings is important, here's the trick
(c) Intagram / makeoverid

Abstain from virtual meetings before eyebrows are ready. Yup, this part of the body serves to frame the face to make it more proportional and attractive. So, it's really important to arrange your eyebrows for maximum results. It's time to apply Make Over Powerstay Brow Definer Mascara!

This product can give the maximum appearance of natural beauty, because it works to fill in the eyebrow hair and gives a natural volumizing effect. The formula is also durable for up to 12 hours, smudgeproof and does not fade easily when exposed to sweat or water.

It turns out that you only need 3 mainstay products that can make you #StayGorgeous all day. Find more Make Over product information by following Instagram @makeoverid !

7 K - Korean Celebrities Subscribe to Designer, Anyone?

7 K - Korean Celebrities Subscribe to Designer, Anyone?

HEMN.ME Not only the beauty products, the fashion worn by Korean celebrities has also caught the attention of K-Wave enthusiasts.

Behind the fashionable styles of Korean celebrities , there are Korean stylists, designers and brands that are innovative and trendy.

Launching Soompi, here are some Korean designers who are often used by South Korean celebrities.

1. Danha Seoul

Danha Seoul / doc.  Danha Seoul
Danha Seoul / doc. Danha Seoul

When BLACKPINK wore modern hanboks for their “How You Like That” music video, Danha became the talk for their fashionable yet fashion-forward appearance to traditional clothing.

2. Zijangsa

Zijangsa / doc.  Zijangsa
Zijangsa / doc. Zijangsa

When BTS's Jungkook stepped into the airport wearing a hanbok set styled in a casual look, the Zijangsa brand suddenly took the spotlight, causing his clothes to sell out within minutes! Zijangsa, a brand that makes comfortable and wearable hanboks that save money.

3. Minju Kim

Minju Kim / doc.  Minju Kim
Minju Kim / doc. Minju Kim

Minju Kim has been used by Red Velvet, but the world really took notice when she designed clothes for Seo Ye Ji in her role as the enchanting writer Go Moon Young in "It's Okay to Not Be Okay".

4. Jaybaek Couture

Dock.  Jaybaek Couture
Dock. Jaybaek Couture

Jaybaek Couture is a designer brand loved by many celebrities for its classic tailoring, attention to detail, and a custom suit that fits like a glove.

5. Kim Seo Ryong

Dock.  Kim Seo Ryong
Dock. Kim Seo Ryong

If there is a flagship designer who has a portfolio filled with Korean handsome stars, it must be Kim Seo Ryong. Considered a veteran in menswear, Kim Seo Ryong first launched his brand in 1996. He has won several design awards since then for his impeccable classic looks and standing the test of time.

6. Lang n Lu

Dock.  Lang n Lu
Dock. Lang n Lu

HyunA, the star, enlisted designer Lang n Lu's help to create a flirty floral look that's still edgy. This resulted in her iconic comeback as a solo artist, in clothes that compliment HyunA's beauty and personality. This brand is very popular with Kpop stars.

7. KYE

KYE / sis.  Soompi
KYE / sis. Soompi

KYE dresses some of the hottest stars and continues to be the go-to choice for its sporty and urban mix. With friends like CL, BIGBANG's G-Dragon, and model Irene, designer Kathleen Kye has endless inspiration.

Lifting Balinese Philosophy, Aksu Local Brand Successfully Showcases Its Collection at Paris Fashion Week

Lifting Balinese Philosophy, Aksu Local Brand Successfully Showcases Its Collection at Paris Fashion Week

HEMN.ME Akar Suara or known as AKSU, is a brand created by the nation's children who once again enlivened the Indonesian fashion scene . This time, an achievement was made at Paris Fashion Week. World fashion week that is always the center of attention.

With the latest ready-to-wear collection entitled "PATEH" this collection is the result of the persistence of a brand that has been initiated for 3 years. AKSU's first international presentation was held digitally at the Paris Fashion Week 2020 Spring / Summer 2021 on October 5, 2020. Every year AKSU promotes cultural diversity in Indonesia. And in the 4th year, Bali becomes the big theme of this collection which is called Bali Aga.

PATEH 2020 is AKSU's collection with a casual fashion concept . Featuring 10 women's clothing looks, which are available by Pre-Order at www.aksu.site/

The PATEH collection highlights how harmonious Balinese life is. Between pleasure and sorrow, good and bad, which goes in balance. PATEH is a local term that has the same meaning. Where the emphasis is on the balance that is lived by the indigenous Balinese, Bali Aga.

The Balinese people always appreciate everything, of course this is a Balinese philosophy called "Rwa Bhineda" which distinguishes how two different things are created in a cosmic balance. 

Play on silhouettes and detail outlines

Aksu brings out Balinese traditional characteristics in his collection.

Through designs and silhouettes, there are string accents, knots, and twists, which reflect the characteristics of the Balikeharmonious connection and togetherness. The cut is neat and simple, with the embrace of the figure continuing the silhouette and "balancing proportion" in the overall aesthetic. Traditional influences also include BaliRitual Aga; "Pandan War" which tells about restoring peace and holiness, as well as the concept of symmetry and strength; derived from the weaving technique of the Bali Aga textile “Geringsingan”. The collection depicts calm yet eye-catching colors that symbolize Balinese colors, paired with a variety of fabrics of mostly light materials.

It is available online

Aksu brings out Balinese traditional characteristics in his collection.
Aksu brings out Balinese traditional characteristics in his collection.

Organized by the Asia Fashion Division (FD). Europe and FD Paris - Asia's first Fashion Career Center and provider of enrichment programs -, the PATEH AKSU collection at PFW is on display digitally, along with four local Indonesian brands; Var Erte, Hanyutan, ES EM EL and AM by Anggiasari. The show has been broadcast on www.fashionweekonline.com on 6PM (Paris Time) / 11PM (Jakarta Time) October 5, 2020, at Château de Bourron, France. Friends of Fimela can also watch it online on the Fashion Division Youtube Channel (Video Title: FASHION DIVISION ASIA.EUROPE DIGITAL SHOW - SS2021 Château de Bourron).